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Missed It A Decade Ago - Is HI Still Responsible?


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my plumber pointed out several conditions that violate the plumbing code

It would be interesting to hear what plumber codes were violated when the house was built at least 10 years ago if not more (sound like more).

Regarding the second question:

...he did not list this as a major defect.

It sounds like this home inspector uses the words "Major Defect" to help describe the condition of a house. I wonder if his definitions are the same as the definitions in the contract from the Realtors?

Whether the wood rot is a major defect depends on two considerations: the extent of the damage and the cost to repair
How does he know how "Major Defect" was defined in the contract the buyer signed? Around here, the organization (GNIAR) has "Major Defect" defined in the contract that each Realtor has to use unless a lawyer is involved on which he (the lawyer) can add and/or substract one or more words and change the definition completely. The definitions the Realtors are forced to use are written so poorly that it leaves it open to interpretation. Some Realtors want me to report what is a "Major Defect" but I will not. It's their contract which they make their client sign. Let them figure out what is a "Major Defect" that is written in their contract. If they need more information from me, I will be glad to answer questions as long as my client signed off on my contract saying its ok.
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I would say that there is no way to answer that question based on the info in the column. I have to say I routinely find no problems with systems that aren't installed "to code". I'm not a code inspector. Do I really care about the spacing of supports if there is no sagging? Do you know the code from 10 years ago in your area? If the HI missed an obvious problem I don't think the time is a factor. If the problem is a technicality with no big issues over 10 years, I would say "so sue me".

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Not to be harsh, but Barry Stone's column is, IMHO, not the best source of information regarding houses, house parts and real estate deals. In the columns I've read, there's a lot of avoiding the elephant(s) in the room, such as conflicts of interest with RE agents, lobbyists, lenders, appraisers, builders who hire undocumented laborers, local codes bubbas who remain willfully ignorant, etc.

But that's mainstream media for ya. If you want to sell ads in the RE section of the paper/website, you have to eat some worm sandwiches...


PS: Local builders here are promoting "rescue packages" for potential homebuyers. Their current tactic: "Don't give us a dime. Just give it to the buyers." As if the buyers don't hand the money over to the builders.

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Originally posted by kurt

Never be surprised by anything.

I got a complaint call last year from a client from 17 years ago. He was angry because the roof I said would give him approximately 17 years of service only gave him 16 years.

So you were correct, the roof did last approximately 17 years.[:-boggled

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Several points to ponder:

#1 - Is the plumber a code inspector? ANYBODY can venture their opinion as to what is / and what isn't "Up To Code" - BUT - ONLY the local codes official can DECIDE and enforce that.

#2 - Codes change every 3-4 years. Was it or not code compliant 10 years ago?? The ONLY way to be sure is to ask the code official.

#3 - DID the local codes department approve this at some time?

#4 - If your inspector belonged to NAHI, ASHI, NACHI or almost ANY inspection club I know - he / she's SoP and Inspection Agreement will tell you they don't do the "C" Word. So look at the report, the agreement and SoP, etc.

#5 - Did the SELLER disclose the PLUMBING wasn't "up to code"?

#6 - WHAT plumbing part has caused the owner problems AND why hasn't he/she called before now??

#7 - What is in plain site now was probably behind the ........... 10 years ago and NOT VISIBLE.

#8 - Mr Buyer, I'm SO SORRY, I see by our paperwork, that I told you upfront I was not adopting and raising you - just looking at the house 1 TIME. I ALSO see I offered you a WARRANTY - YOU turned it down AND initialed the DECLINE BOX - SO SORRY JERK-OFF!

#9 - Its so freaking SLOW right now, I'd have a ball jerking this yo-yo and his / her plumber all over the floor.

#10 - I hope somebody told Barry he's getting too tactful AND not shooting straight with these folks. This is the kinda hogwash that makes folks think the home inspector screwed them over.

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Hey Guys,

You know, most of these columns have a comment section beneath them. There's nothing stopping you guys from going to those links and adding your comments beneath the article so that consumers can see what home inspectors think of the responses.



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