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Originally posted by inspecthistoric

What is it venting? Is it SS or alum.?

Some flex liner manufacturers require the liner have a "base tee" for the flue connection. Some require an "A" connector w/gasket at the joint between the flue connector and liner. Insulated liners are preferred.

Thank's Bill,

Can't tell What flavor it is but, I googled flex liners and understand what I'm looking at now.

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From that pic, it appears that the flue material is the same stuff you use as a dryer vent. The HVAC supply houses sell that same material in many diameters, 6,8,10,12 and so on. I only say that because I see little dings in the side of the flexible pipe in the pic. If not that it may be a fresh air duct manufactured by Z flex. I bring this to light for safety, hope I'm wrong.

That does not look like a flue liner.

http://www.novaflex.com/productcart/pc/ ... roduct=396

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Originally posted by Terence McCann

Do you know if the liner runs the entire length of the chimney Gary?


It didn't dawn on me until Bill gave me a clue.

ES, I don't know. I don't Think so. This is a college town. It's also a small town. They tend to beat nonconforming landlords asses hard here. They do annual inspections. A 23 year old's flat screen was in the way of the fireplace . I love tennants for the info but.... I Just want have to get Right. You know. Oh sorry, it's a duplex circa 1930


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