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Really Nice Wiring Work Found by an Electrician


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Editor's Note: The following was submitted by Master Electrician Jim Simmons (User name Mr. Electric). Thanks Jim for contributing to the knowledge enrichment of the TIJ family.

Mr. Electric says:

This is a job I was inspecting recently. When home owners and siding installers get involved, it doesn't get much worse (see meter base and mast). Then they have GFCI breakers in the panel that won't test (because the neutrals do not connect to anything), then the double tapped neutral, then the dryer wire is splices to #12 wire (30 amp circuit), then the attic at the cans and fan they added. Anyone say fire!!!

How about homeowner insurance - would they want this fixed???

Anyone see a need for electrical inspections when a home is sold????

Enjoy (the best way to view them is to download to a file then view).

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Here is my inspection report so you can see the other issues (customer name removed), and what my report to the owner looks like.

Download Attachment: icon_word.gif MrElectricInspectionReport.doc

141.75 KB

Jim P. Simmons

Mr. Electric


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Let me guess,

They had new siding installed and the siding guy did the removal and installation of of the meter, network interface and the exterior lights and outlets.

After seeing what a great job they did, the HO have them install the recess lighting.

Can't tell but it looks like they used the neutral for the hot and the hot for the neutral

Have a great day


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Glad you are enjoying the pictures. I think the scary issues above were done by the siding people (Mast - Meterbase) and the rest was probably done by the homeowner or "a friend". If you as a home inspector find any electrical issues, I highly recommend that the home buyer hire an electrical expert to do an inspection. I am not trying to say that some of you cannot do one properly, but the big difference is an electrical contractor can spend an hour or even two looking at just the electrical issues. On this one I spent about 2 hours on site, you just can't dedicate that kind of time to the electrical system.

Thanks for Posting this on my behalf Michael.

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Hi Joe,

Good to hear from you. Are you still Iraq or are you back home?

OT - OF!!!


Yes. My contract will end soon and I will return to run my business again. It was an experience I shall never forget, but right now I must stay under the wire.

It is great to see the improvements here on your board and I will enjoy the information that is being discussed. I still have a collection of state side pictures to be used to identify some of the problems that are often encountered by the inspector. [:-thumbu]

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