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Water Hammer Arresters

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Originally posted by Kevin A. Richardson

Are these water hammer arresters? If so, why would they be installed in only one of the bathroom sink fixtures?

Could there of been a problem of water hammer in just this sink?

Any feedback would help?



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Hello Kevin:

Yep, they are what you thought and it might have been that the only place that the problem was showing up was in this lav. Any expansion tank on the hot water tank?

I would hate to see Brian's answers on an ink blot test. [:-dev3]

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My guess is that the bath was re-plumbed and the plumber just added these. Around here anyway, it is rare to see pipes for lavs coming straight up out of the floor. We usually see that when the original pipe in the wall was too occluded to be used anymore and they want to bypass it without tearing it out.

OT - OF!!!


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The correct location for the arresters should be at the upper most fixture in the system.

Hopefully, your bathroom is on the top floor.

Locating the arresters at the high point in the system will 'cover' all fixtures in the system regardless of their location.

Before the advent of manufactured arresters, we used to run a 12-24" pipe and cap them off; over time they would become water logged and rendered useless.

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The biggest culprit of water hammer is loose water lines with 90 degree elbows.

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