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Taut wire between rafters.


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I found something in an attic today that I have not run into it before. Every fourth or fifth rafter there is a taut galvanized wire connecting the rafter on one side of the attic with its mate on the opposite side. This house was built in 1910. It almost looks like barbed wire without the barbs.

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It is #9 (not sure of name) wire. I use it quite often when building concrete forms. You can also see it used in some chain link fencing (for lateral support).

If you wrap it around two opposing points (creating a loop), take a screwdriver, or any piece of metal, you can twist the wire. The more you twist, the tighter it gets.

I use it in forms to stop them from blowing out. The stuff comes in big rolls.

From the picture, it looks like they were used for collar ties.

Yes, it looks just like barbed wire without the barbs (after being twisted). I'm sure if you look somewhere in the middle, you will see where something was inserted to twist it.

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