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Jerry Lozier

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Home- built point of use fire sprinkler system.

LOL. And why not? One can go crazy trying to decipher the intentions of homeowners.

I have a question. What type is that cold water pipe and fitting (lower left)? OK, two questions. Is that plastic female onto a metal male OK if it's not pipe-thread?

Good eye Richard...(thats what I like about you guys always looking at everything in picture)

cpvc secured to wall, plastic 'shark bite' type fitting into brass fitting, could not tell the threads, why do you ask the thread type (other than if two different threads) ???? inquiring minds need to know!

got this link address from homeowner http://www.smellywater.com/peroxide-gambit.html

(home is a vacation cabin with a well and elaborate water system including acid neutrilizer, iron filter, softner, UV) evidently hot water got really stinky and all stink goes away with a few minutes of adding peroxide...[:-bigeyes

called my lab (water test) guy to ask if he had heard about this and he had not however said probably not a problem as some people bath in diluted peroxide solution....

where else can I search this out???

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why do you ask the thread type

I believe it is a general no-no to have any plastic female fitting pipe-threaded onto a metal male as the plastic female part can easily be damaged or cracked during the process. Even if that damage is not obvious at the time, the stress could lead to future failure. I haven't seen that particular combo (CPVC and the grey plastic "shark byte?" bit), but I was hoping somone was familiar with it and could say it was good (or bad). It seems like an odd set-up for CPVC.

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