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New ASHI Rollout

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Kaplan will buy it 6 months down the road and then shut it down. [:P]

The ASHI School Launches The Ultimate in Home Inspection Education

October 29, 2009

Dear ASHI Members,

"The ASHI School" is the official name of the joint venture between ASHI Education Inc. and the education powerhouse of Casey, O'Malley & Associates. Based on the premise that home inspectors learn best by doing, The ASHI School is scheduling pre-licensing/business start-up home inspection classes nationwide beginning in November and continuing on a regular basis thereafter.

This comes at a time when the profession's education philosophies are in need of re-engineering - what happened to real live on-site training? The answer is now here: The ASHI School.

ASHI Education Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Society of Home Inspectors ("ASHI"), with a mandate to offer a full range of high-quality education programs to anyone affiliated with, or interested in, the home inspection and related professions. The ASHI School is the first program offered under ASHI Education Inc.

The ASHI School features live educational classes that include more time on real field inspections than any other school in the nation. Courses focus on starting and operating your own successful inspection career and business, as well as performing inspections in compliance with the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

The courses are designed as an intelligent blend of pre-class study materials, live classroom lecture and actual in-field inspection training. Nearly half of the course hours are spent learning by doing real inspections.

And, this is just the beginning. Currently in the planning stages, The ASHI School will make turnkey education sessions available to ASHI chapters, and offer a special program for non-ASHI members who take the full 10-day courses or attend the upcoming InspectionWorld Las Vegas pre-conference New Inspector Career Day.

Casey, O'Malley Associates bring to the joint venture two of the nation's most well-known figures in the industry, Michael Casey and Kevin O'Malley. Their team of experienced and dynamic instructors will be conducting the courses. Learn more about Michael Casey and Kevin O'Malley.

Class locations and dates can be found at www.theashischool.com. For additional information or to book your seat in the next class, contact:

Barton Robertson, Managing Associate, Casey, O'Malley Associates

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Details? there are details?

Most of you know me (by reputation or record) and will not be shocked to hear me bitch about this. If you can get past the initial issue of providing good education, then you begin to wonder how this joint venture began. I happen to know Mike and Kevin and believe they are nice folks. Alan Carson is also a nice guy. Where is Carson and Dunlap?

more later - maybe.

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