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Drain in Tile Shower Floor


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I don't get a chance to see these much from this angle - in the crawlspace and with a bunch of the OSB subfloor hacked out.

This doesn't look right to me and the only reference I have right now is the Tile Council of America's Handbook which surprisingly doesn't show that great of a drain detail.

Does this look right? Hopefully you can see the photo ok.

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This is a reasonable slide show of how it's done.

I can take issue with a few fine points, but overall, it's a decent how-to.


Look at this, then compare it to what you saw, and take your best guess.

I couldn't tell anything from your pic. I don't like the subfloor being all hacked out like that though; the drain should be well supported all around the flange.

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Sure as hell ain't the way I did mine. I mean you set the drain in place and then mud to it. OSB, "mud", foam and cardoard...WTF? And if that's the membrane, it is supposed to be trapped or pinched by the drain system. All in all, I'd say total crap!

Here's a few of mine...you can see in the first photo how the initial sloped mud bed was done with the drain in place.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif 10-17-004x.JPG

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Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif 10-17-005x.JPG

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The cardboard reminds me of a preformed/tapered system designed to eliminate a step in the installation process. Lay down the tapered forms, then the liner and mud bed. Who knows what the foam underneath is for.


Well, Schluter makes a pre-tapered foam base for showers called Kerdi. But it's supposed to be used with the entire Kerdi system, not put in the way it is in the photo.

I have no idea about the cardboard.

Looks goofy.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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