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I'm looking for a very careful, knowledgeable licensed house inspector to check out a home I am

planning to purchase next month. How much do you have to pay Home Inspector.. Do anyone have some

idea about this..Any suggestions will be appreciable...

Torrance Home Inspector Service

If you asking about the above link, I would use Michael.

As for the fee, you pay them what they quote you. Kind of like getting a hair cut or a tooth filled. You pay the fee that the professional quotes and that is usually based on how much time they will invest doing the inspection and writing the report.

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I don't know what the average inspector gets in the L.A. area, but I do know that some California inspectors get some of the highest rates in the country because of the amount of risk they have to assume working down there where everyone sues everyone else at the drop of a hat or if they don't like your smile.

Coming on here, you might have someone from the deep south quote you a price that's less-than-half of what some very experienced California inspectors would charge. That price difference for the same work would be perfectly normal and it would be wrong to then take that lower price quote and expect a California inspector to match it.

Shopping for a good home inspector based on price is a fool's errand; it's like walking into a jewelry store and expecting them to sell you a Rolex at the same price quote that you'd received for a Bulova brand lookalike.

Ask around, find an inspector that friends and relatives have used and liked, check him/her out to verify qualifications, ask for a sample of one of the inspector's reports, ask for a list of references, talk to some of the folks on that list of references and then, once you've made your choice, pay whatever the inspector you choose demands.



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