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Brick Heat Sheild

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I finally found some nice brown brick to place between the wood stove and the drywall. I dry stacked it but took it down after about 7 bricks high. I think that I should cement or glue them together.

I have seen a product called PL that will glue everything it touches, but can I use it this close to the woodstove. Or should I use cement. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Stephen G

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I purchased a bag of Mortar, I have about a dozen brick ties as well. I have done lots with brick, this isnt one of them...I have to place it on hold until I find some angle iron for the lintle. I have two places on the wall where I will need to have openings. 1 at the water shut off from the well, 2 the electrical box. So I will look for some 1/4 inch angle or flat stock.

thank you all again,,,I will post pics as I go,,,should be good for laugh


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