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No hub connections


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A 2001 Rudd furnace looks like some repairs were made to the exhaust (condensate) drain. My thinking is they had to remove the vent pipe so they cut it in two places. When reconnecting they installed 2 no hub couplings.

This can't be right (can it?) but when searching the Rudd website, no installation instructions are available.

Does anyone have documentation stating something along the lines that all exhaust connections need to be 'hard' connections?

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Darren, I have installation instructions for an older York Cat IV furnace.

The instructions state: The use of flexible connectors or no hub connectors in the vent system is not allowed. This type connection is allowed in the combustion air pipe near the furnace for air conditioining coil accessiblity.

I don't have any info for Rheem/Ruud.

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Definitely a handyman repair Darren - you can tell just by the looks.

In the real would a repair like this may be OK if the material used is impervious to acid - such as the type of coupling that would be used in the drain line of a lab that disposes of acidic/caustic materials. It wouldn't be text book but I'd do it in my home if need be.

As there is no good way to tell in the field, for most folks, removal and replacement is prudent.

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