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ASHI WW Announces Its Spring Seminar


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By Darrell Marsolais, Education Chair - ASHI WW

The Washington State Department of Licensing has approved ASHIWW's March 6th Seminar for seven continuing education units for Washington State Licensed Home Inspectors. The seminar is listed on the DOL’s Website for Continuing Education and has also been approved by the State of Oregon, ASHI and NAHI for 7 CE’s.

The seminar will be held the first Saturday in March at the Medallion Hotel in Arlington, WA; this is the same location where our 2009 spring seminar was held.

The seminar will kick off with an ASHI WW Chapter meeting from 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM and everybody is encouraged to attend the meeting.

From 8:45 AM to 9:30 AM, Rhonda Meyers from the Department of Licensing will update inspectors on the latest news re. the home inspector licensing program and the impending July 1st 2010 deadline for every inspector practicing in the state to be licensed.

From 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, Glenn Maresca, owner of Liquid Heating in Woodinville, will give a presentation on all types of heating systems, with an emphasis on Hydronic and Radiant Systems. He will discuss how these systems are piped and what we need to note during our inspections. He will also discuss solar hot water heating; because we will be seeing and inspecting more of these systems in the near future.

Lunch will be served on-site between 12:30 and 1:30 PM.

From 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM, Curtis Dahl, President of Sundance Energy in Bothell, will discuss Gas Furnaces, Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning, Gas Fireplaces, Ductwork and the Home as a System.

The cost to attend is $85.00 for current ASHI WW Chapter members and $125.00 for everybody else. This works out to a reasonable $17.85 per credit hour; plus, you get lunch and beverages all day long.

This seminar presented by two local experts should not be missed; Please follow this link to the flyer and click on the registration link at the left hand margin to reserve your spot.

Those who have additional questions about this seminar can contact me at 206-478-1427.


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Signed up. I need to start collecting CEUs as I only got 13 months out of my $680 "two year" license (grrrr). Does look like it might be some good info though.

IACHI has got a bunch of online classes approved. Unfortunately, I might have to partake in some of their action.
I'm hoping it doesn't come down to that for me. I do like the idea of being able to do some of it on-line, but that particular vendor is just not my fave. I'm not sure my principles would understand.
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Signed up. I need to start collecting CEUs as I only got 13 months out of my $680 "two year" license (grrrr). Does look like it might be some good info though.

IACHI has got a bunch of online classes approved. Unfortunately' date=' I might have to partake in some of their action.[/quote']Randy,

Wouldn't you have to join iachi in order to take their classes?

God save me. . . I hope not. Obviousuly I haven't checked, but I've been blindly assuming that as long as you pay whatever fee they want, you can take the online course. If I have to join the org. . . fuggetaboutit.

At the risk of getting blasted,

I've got a few questions also.... I don't know or care to know the deep seated hatred and politics behind the 'I hate Nicky' campaign... It does get old though.... I don't know the guy, however have spoken to Ben on the phone a couple times, always helpful like you guys!

heres my take...

Whats wrong with the online classes from internachi? They've been approved by the WA state for CE?? Doesn't seem to be much else available at this time

I've taken several of them, they are great review, some bone head stuff, some good stuff.... There's even a WDO/WDI class(20 hrs I think) approved by WSDA

As I am typing this: I'm recovering from knee surgery, can't do much for at least 3 weeks, so it is a great chance to get my (WA State approved) CE done.... $289.00 whether you join or just take the classes... That is about how much $$ it cost me to take the 6 hrs of WSDA/HI classes in Tacoma in Nov (W/ Mike Casey).... with motel/ meals/ cost of class/ fuel/ blah/blah/whine/whine

So again.... jeez guys.... the whining gets old..... isn't it time to bury the hatchet and move on. Or if thats not possible, email me privately so I can get the lucrid juicey details and maybe take up an offense.

ok go ahead and blast the cripple


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Hi All,

I just got the following via email from Darrel Marsolais, the training chair at ASHIWW:

This email is to let everyone know the March 6th Educational Seminar is Full. We cannot accept anymore registrations.

We will have another Educational Seminar on June 5th, 2010 in Tacoma. We will be submitting to the ASHI, NAHI, Washington and Oregon for approval for CE’s.

We will have three speakers, the first speaker will be David Sherwood, David is an ASHI Certified Inspector and is an owner of a multiple inspector company in Connecticut. David is the Chair of the Chapter Relations Committee for ASHI. His presentation will focus on Growing Your Business in Any Market.

This is about business development and they need to diversify services to bridge those slow periods. Jeff Arnold, the Executive Director of ASHI will be the Keynote Speaker at lunch time.

Marty Spartz with Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc. will present “Understanding Indoor Air Quality and Testing Methodsâ€

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