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Is a standpipe required for washing machine discharge?

On a second floor condo this washer/dryer combo was discharging into the bathroom trap. No air gap in the discharge line, just layed on the floor behind the washer and entered at the bottom of the vanity cabinet in the bathroom.

Didnt snap a picture of this one, [:-banghea

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P2706.2 Standpipes. Standpipes shall extend a minimum of 18 inches and a maximum of 42 inches above the trap weir. Access shall be provided to all standpipe traps and drains for rodding.

P2706.2.11 Laundry Tray Connection. A laundry tray waste line is permitted to connect to a standpipe for the automatic clothes washer drain. The standpipes shall not be less than 30 inches as measured from the crown weir. The outlet of the laundry tray shall be a maximumn horizontaal distance of 30 inches from the standpipe trap.

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NY plumbing -406.3 Waste connection. The waste from an automatic clothes washer shall discharge through an air break into a standpipe in accordance with Section 802.4 or into a laundry tray or laundry sink. The trap and fixture drain for an automatic clothes washer standpipe shall be a minimum of 2 inches (50.8 mm) in diameter. The automatic clothes washer fixture drain shall connect to a branch drain or drainage stack a minimum of 3 inches (76.2 mm) in diameter.

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