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Mothsballs & Sound Proof Rooms

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I had a customer yesterday who had a couple of funny home related stories. He said I could shae them.

1) He noticed a small stain on the ceiling and went into the attic to investigate. He did not find any leaks, but did find a mouse nest, so he thought maybe the stain was caused by mouse urine. His wife suggested putting mothballs in the attic to chase off the mice. So he bought a large box of mothballs and threw them all over the attic - everywhere. It turned out the smell was so strong it drove the owners out of the house. They literally could not live in the house. Because the attic had white loose fill insulation he could not find the mothballs he had thrown everywhere. He ended up removing all the insulation in order to find/remove all the mothballs. He then had to pay a contractor to install new insulation. It turned out the leak was from a cracked boot around the blumbing vent.

2) The guy is a drummer and plays in local bands. It is hard to practice without bothering the neighbors; so he decided to build a sound proof room to practice in. There was a barn out back. His design was to build a building inside the barn and fill the walls with sand. He even had an engineer approve his plan. He framed two sets of walls and had a load of sand delivered. He hauled up buckets and buckets and buckets of sand and poured into the void between the two walls. He had his wife and kids and friends helping him. He had about $5,000 into the thing when one day his wife said “Hey is that wall supposed to be bowingâ€

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