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Enlightened Wealth Institute ... HEAD's UP

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I'm sure many of you may have had calls from folks embarking upon "new found wealth potentials" with the Enlightened Wealth Institute - EWI.

Be wary and do your research.

Several of the DFW area inspectors have received calls in the past couple of days from folks with eyes glazed over about them being on the precipice of huge income with real estate investment / fix / flip / bank $$.

Lady I talked with yesterday was from the Fort Worth area and she was assembling her team and needed an inspector. Areas of town they are talking about would more than likely need an armed escort as well as my carrying a .44.

I tried to 'splain to her the pitfalls and that she was signing up with something that was going to drain her account. She had already soaked up all the kool-aid.

Here is a Google search link that you can look a bit further into.

They are not just in the DFW market and have been around for some time.

Enlightened Wealth Institute - SCAM

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thanks for the tip!

We have been getting couple of calls per week from church based groups that seem to be doing the same thing; buying repos and flipping. We did work for one last fall, did not get paid and have avoided then ever since.

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