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FEMA inspections

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I did 4 months of verification inspections in New Orleans for the SBA following Katrina. About 400 inspections. They gave me the worse hit areas of the lower 9th Ward and upper St. Bernard Parish. The waters around the raised floor house in the photo rose too quickly for the house to take on water. It gained too much bouyancy and floated long enough to end up in the street. Sometimes several adjacent houses floated, making it hard to find out which one corresponded to the lot that you were inspecting. Some lots could be reached only on foot because of the floaters. One such house had a monolithic poured concrete foundation/floor. The whole slab floated out, intact. Quite an inspection experience. Compensation and per dem were excellent but didn't have much contact with family during that time.

Pardon the drift.


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Thanks guys. I've been trying to fumble around on here. Haven't figured out how to locate through the archives yet.

Pass your cursor over Forums at the menu bar above the page, choose search from the sub-menu and then click on "advanced search" (It's tiny white print in the top bar) and then search for posts in the fall of 2004 under user name Chad Fabry or just search the whole site for FEMA.



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