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I inspected a vacant house a few weeks ago that had a serious electrical issue.

I found melted insulation with bare conductors on one of the wires that run between the meter and meter main. The utility company sent someone out ASAP since it was an emergency. He pulled the meter, which exposed the issue-- loose connections where the meter plugs in. He said power couldn't be restored until permits were pulled and everything was fixed.

Fast forward to last week. I ended up having a phone conversation with the elderly homeowner about why I had left all of the lights and exhaust fans on in the house. The conversion lasted about 20 minutes, and I apologized numerous times during this conversation, and was very polite the entire time. Nothing made her happy and she wanted to know who I answered to. I let her know that I was the boss, so I answered to myself, but that I was licensed through the contractors board. I gave her my license number and told her she was welcome to file a complaint. I haven't heard anything yet, but am positive that she did so.

Power was off, so my client, the agent, nor I even thought of going through and making sure all switches were set to the correct position before locking up.

Do you think the homeowner even considered thanking me for possibly saving her house from burning down?? Ha.

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The CCB won't let her file a complaint until she has proof that she sent you notice in writing by certified mail and that she waited 30 days after that. Then she has to fill out the complaint form and send it to them. If they decide that they have jurisdiction, then she has to pay $50.

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