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Shower stall light?

Ben H

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What do ya say? Ya or nay?

Normally I see can lights with water covers, this thing had a plastic globe and looks like a regular light fixture?

It depends on a few factors.

If that's a metal base, it has to be grounded. That's not just for shower spaces, it's for all fixtures, but it's particularly important here.

If this is a "wet location" (as defined by the NEC), then the fixture has to be marked, "Suitable for wet locations."

If this is a "damp location," it has to be marked, "Suitable for damp locations," or "Suitable for wet locations."

Even if it's marked as appropriate for the location, it can't be installed in such a way that water will enter or accumulate in the wiring compartments, lamp holders, or other electrical parts.

And, very important, a manufacturer may prohibit the use of its fixtures in a shower space regardless of the fixture's wet/damp Ul listing. Alternatively, the manufacturer may allow such a fixture to be used only if a special trim ring, lens, or gasket is used with it.

When you get it figured out, let me know.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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