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Sellers That Are Really "Out There"


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Hi All,

A couple of days ago, I had a pretty weird inspection experience; I went downtown to do a 2-bedroom condo inspection on the 30th floor of a highrise and when I got there I found that the power was completely turned off and the HVAC unit - a 4-ton Trane water source heat pump was gone with the wires hanging out of the disconnect on the wall and the steel chassis it sits on just sitting there going, "Yeah, what?"

At first, I thought that the heat pump might have been stolen or had a defect and was in the process of being replaced or repaired. I did my deal and then left. When I got home, I shot the client an email (He was travelling in Canada.) and told him about the missing heat pump.

That's when he informed me that he'd known it was missing, but that he'd expected the power to be on because they'd told him that they'd leave it in inspectable condition - only without the pump. I asked him if it was being repaired - "Nope, the homeowner decided that he liked it so much he took it with him." I was stunned, "Why in the world would anyone want a heat pump that's designed for a vertical application in a high rise?" "I don't know," came the reply, "He was sort of an odd bird. So, what Tonnage replacement pump do I need?"

I can just see the guy now trying to make that thing work in a private residence by connecting the city water up to it. What a maroon!

So, what kind of really weird seller quirks has everyone run into?



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Called from the lawyers office to ask about CO detector.... RICH.

Weird Sellers?? One that I chuckled at below.

The sellers I think are funny are the one's that "tease" the buyer about "taking stuff with them".

There's a movie (can't remember the name) where the sellers "joked" about that, only they weren't joking, when the buyers moved in... all was gone!!

I was performing an inspection a couple months ago and the sellers were relentless about teasing the buyer's that they liked the appliances, the bridge over the pond and a bunch of other upgrades enough to pack 'em on up!!

What did I do??? Kept quiet, but did take a few extra pictures!!! Their agent was there, not my job.

But funny nonetheless.

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