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date of manufacture of a Boderus Boiler


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This is the first one of these i have run into, and i must say im a bit confused. They are not too common in my parts. It was all enclosed and it didnt look too old. My code book didnt make sense so i thought i would ask you guys. Any additional information you can give me on this setup would be greatly appreciated (why two serial numbers?).

There are two serial numbers. The upper part of the boilers where the oil burner is: model #: G115/4 and the S# 08188060-01-3182-1493

and the lower parts Model #: LT 160/1 and S#05192267-01-3076-0060

Thanks for the help

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The serial numbers you've typed do not conform to either of the two formats that I have for decoding Buderus equipment. Do you have a picture of the data tag?

I get to see them regularly and have quite a bit of literature. The "lower part" is the hot water storage tank. The 160 in the model # is the capacity. My data indicates that the LT160 tank is for the G125 boiler, not the G115. I'd check with Buderus about compatibility.

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