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Bubba's goin' pro?


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As I crawled the attic, I thought I saw a bucket.... "All right, I can post a Bubba pic!"

Evidence of bubba stopping a leak?"

As I get closer I see that the bucket is upside down. I pause thinking "This is over the ensuite bathroom, shouldn't there be an enclosure for the heat lamp?"

A little closer and I see that there is an electrical box fastened to the side of the 14 qt galvanized steel pail, BX cable and cable clamps, even has a cable clamp where the cable enters the bucket..... "No?! Seriously?"

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Good call Robert,

Black vent pipe on one side, loooooong flexible bathroom exhaust pipe on the other. Surrounded by 8-10 inches of blow in cellulose insulation. I was impressed by the workmanship, as I suppose this might provide the required clearance, but this is a pretty significant hole in the insulation. I can envision a future where more insulation is added, either as part of a whole house improvement, or as a result of condensation in the bucket during the winter if someone does not use the heat-lamp while showering.

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I agree, it's far superior and more fireproof than some of the buckethead (pun intended) fabricated dams I see around recessed lights around here. In fact, now that I've seen it, I'll probably suggest something similar the next time someone asks me for a solution to sealing up those recessed lights. Recommend they wrap it with insulation and drive on.



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