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  1. Condo is a type of ownership. Townhouse is a type of construction. Ever see a detached one family building in condo project? It usually confuses everyone. Tom Corrigan
  2. Sorry Jim and all. Senior moment. Thought I was commenting on a rubber fitting not a coupling. Shit, it a good thing I'm retired. Once again, "oops". Tom Corrigan
  3. Section P3003.6.3 deals with couplings. The op was asking about the "elbow fitting". Fitting material must comply with Table P3002.3. Am I reading the wrong? Tom Corrigan
  4. Hi Tom, Rubber fittings are not permitted(Table P3002.3). The fitting also reduces the diameter as the diameter was increased at hub. Also don't forget that NYS does not license plumbers. Any license the guy claims to have is a municipal contractor license. Tell your client to request an opinion from the municipal code inspector. He or she is the AHJ not the guy that did it wrong for 30 years. I can't wait till Chad chimes in! Tom Corrigan
  5. I came out of retirement to do an inspection for my daughter in Detroit. Now the seller wants a referral for an equally grey haired, independent old fart for his next house. Anybody got a recommendations? Tom Corrigan
  6. Thanks Steven. I'll tell her to mention my name. Tom Corrigan
  7. Need older seasoned independent inspector for a buddy's daughter. Jack Webb type preferred. Tom Corrigan Retired 2010, past ASHI chapter pres.
  8. I should also be mentioned that most of these were at risk of freeze damage once we learned to insulate the attic floor and vent the attic. Was it still connected? If so, the buyer should be made aware of the risk. Tom Corrigan
  9. The pipe originally continued to the atmosphere. Either through the roof, into a stack pipe or back down to the basement and near a floor drain. You opened the manual fill valve in the basement until the water ran from the pipe (or off the roof). The cap was added when the system was converted to a closed and pressurized system. Tom Corrigan
  10. And the vent in the second picture if from an older rinnai space heater. Tom Corrigan
  11. The brown stain is on the "dead end" wrap on, not on the grounded conductor. http://www.preformed.com/index.php?opti ... &start=100 Tom Corrigan
  12. Look see if it's 1/2 " drywall hung parallel to 24" o.c. ceiling framing. It'll sag every time. Tom Corrigan, Ret.
  13. Call Pete Schaming at 518-768-2713. chad will vouch for me and I'll vouch for Pete. Tom Corrigan Retired 2010 after 34 years (yes it can be done)
  14. Should have been a vent above the centerline of the right drain. Tom Corrigan
  15. Actually it's very specific thanks to your government. NOAA can provide the historical max depth of snow accumulation for most areas. The 12" of clearance is above this depth. Tom Corrigan
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