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  1. My Mitsubishi heat pump will still operate at -5 degrees . This maybe brand dependant . Older systems will default to an electric coil in cold temperatures.
  2. Actually it is about 4 times more expensive . prove me wrong.
  3. In the caribbean with service drops at head height, I am sure you have bigger fish to fry . 18 years in the business and you have questions about double taps??Isn't this home inspector 101? , cheers
  4. I think that is a boat fender , For a very small boat .
  5. I have had a few 110 volt services . The best was a Bungalo in Dedham , MA . The home was built cira 1915 and had 1 owner . Very few updates were done . The original gas stove /water heater was still in place , but the active water heater was a heat exchanger off the steam boiler . Water from the tap was 180 degrees ! The original electrical system was still in place , 3 circuits , all knob and tube wiring and a wooded fuse panel . The house was like a museum , the kitchen and bathroom were original and in pristine condition .
  6. I have noticed that with the preponderance of new regulations for GFCI, AFCI,and combo's it is difficult to determine what type of breakers are present . The requirement in Massachusetts is to document the number of GFCI and AFCI breakers in the panel . (not sure why) These breaker have all different colored buttons , some don't even indicate their function . So in short , it would be hard to tell if the damn fridge was on a GFI/AFCI/Combo at a glance .
  7. [:-party] Happy 20th Rob , this month is 19 years for me !
  8. You may want to try splints . Click to Enlarge 33.52 KB
  9. I do not have any pictures , but I have seen several Low E windows that have grey/ black dots and streaking between the panes . It appears that the low e coating has become visible . I searched on this topic , but didn't find much . Have any others noticed this , and any ideas as to the cause ? Another thing to write up I guess !
  10. wedgren

    Roof type

    I usually refer to that type of roof as a Turret Roof .
  11. This newly remodeled kitchen also has a handy pot filler !
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