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AdvanTex Treatment System for septic


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Anyone have real world experience with this system?

The reason I ask, is that my client is moving in with his ELEVEN physically challenged children adopted from all over the world - a family of THIRTEEN - admirable.

I cautioned him strongly that he'll probably burn this system out in no time flat, along with the drain field which is rated for four. The drain field has almost twice the number of lines typically required per bedroom. Hence the treatment system, I suspect. Either the soil did not perc well, or the standards required in this county are particularly tough.

But, when I think about it all, I wonder if the treatment system may not actually be a saving grace. That is, if they understand the need to significantly step up any normal maintenance on the treatment system, it may not be as bad as I think.

Regardless, I've told him to find a company that installs these systems, and tell them what it's about to experience on a daily basis to hear from a specialist what to expect.

I also told him that he'll need to go as green as possible on water usage, and explain to his children about such rules as, "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown flush it down."

So, if you are familiar with this system or a similar system, drop a note if it's insightful.

As always, Thanks in advance for all responses.

PS. When told the buyer all of my concerns about the septic system, he smirked and basically said, "Well, if we blow it out in three or four years and have to sink ten grand into it, I'm OK with that." He knows what he's getting into and apparently has the means. So, I'd just like to know what guys familiar with this system may add to what I've already told him and intend to include in the report. This is the same home with the phantom generators.

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On a side note, I don't know how big the house he's buying is, but I looked at a house for a guy a few years ago who let missionaries, refugees, etc. stay in the house on a revolving basis after he moved in. Same basic scenario in which a house designed for four or five people was occupied by 15-20 pretty regularly.

When the guy sold the house a couple of years later, there was mold in the attic from all the showers, bodies, breathing, and everything else. I got the call, of course, when another inspector checked the house out, and noticed the mold.

Luckily, I had retained photos of the attic and was able to show it was pristine when I checked it out (though I was accused of producing photos of ANOTHER house). Caution your buyer, Mike, so you don't suffer a similar situation.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Actually, I'm doing the inspection of this 6400 SF home,

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because I inspected the house they sold (which was almost as big), and it actually inspected quite well - a few minor surprises, but well kept and no major issues.

They seem like outsanding parents and the kids are equally well behaved, ranging in age from probably 5 - 14. With the exception of the septic system, history indicates the house will fare well.

I WILL be sure to insert an appropriate note, as you suggest.

Thank you, Bain, for looking out for me. Greatly appreciated, friend.


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