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Email the PDF. I email 98% of my reports now. Just about everyone has an email address now. If you take photos, you do need to reduce them to keep the file size down. Most of my reports are in the 200kb to 500kb size. The reports that are over 1meg, I can email if they have high speed access with little problem.

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Wow, a phone line plugged into my computer. Who would have thought about that! [:-dunce] [:-paperba

Scott, I send out about 95% of our reports in email. However, many of our clients want us to fax the builder, agent or cousin a copy. Since I have a staff in the office, I don't mind. I just hate printing out a report so it can be faxed!

Thankss everyone for the suggestions. Now if someone could tell me what a phone line looked like....[?]

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