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A realtor 'speaks'

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I was about to throw a comment in myself... "Calling out structural problems that they're not qualified to do." More like I'm peddling a house I know zip about, so I hire the $89 inspector and then complain about it, so when @#$% hits the fan, I can play dumb (probably not too difficult) and stay out of the fire.

Do you think when these folks turn on the camera they have ANYTHING in their head about what they want to say? Seems to me they shoot from the hip and ramble on with no structured thoughts at all.

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It sounds like she is trying to get some one to use her so she can make some money.

There are inspectors that soft sell their inspection and ones that are out to save the world.

I started out being one thats out to save the world and may still have a little of that in me.

I wonder if she ever had a good inspector would she tell anyone.

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Well, but look at her web site. I didn't take time to read it all, but the chick says she left the NAR because realtors and pretty much everyone else involved in a transaction are dishonest and don't look out for their clients.

I think this gal might be okay. What she says about HIs DOES apply to the majority.

As for her generally pissy mood, I bet there's a man in her past to blame for that.

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