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Nice FREE Boiler Download


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Hi All,

So I'm poking around the Burnham boiler site trying to confirm whether one must call them to get the exact date of manufacture on one of their boilers; when I click on a link entitled "The Heating Helper" and discover the neatest little 116 page .pdf primer on steam and hot water heating systems.

Glanced it over; this one is definitely going to get read cover-to-cover. you guys should get it. You can download it at:




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Glanced it over; this one is definitely going to get read cover-to-cover

How do you read a PDF cover-to-cover? You need the paperback version for that!

Click to Enlarge

40.86 KB

My paperback version is 7 years old. It doesn't have the Introduction by Glenn A. Stanton. That alone makes the download a great resource. Plus, I can't do a word search with a paperback.

Thanks for finding it and sharing.

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