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Dave Barry

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I've had one every 2 or 3 years since my last year in the army when the IBS really started kicking up and I was convinced I was going to turn myself inside out one of these days.

The first time I went through it was in the Army hospital on Ft. Carson and they opted to keep me conscious through the procedure and only numbed up my backside. Let me tell you, when you're awake and they start pushing that camera around inside it friggin hurts something fierce every time they bump into the wall of the intestine with that thing! Since then, I insist they dope me up really good and I'm usually asleep before I finish counting backward from ten.

My father had colon cancer and beat it, so I know I need to be vigilant. Beating it didn't do him a whole lot of good though; ten years later he died from pancreatic cancer. Still, I suppose he got 8 or 9 years he wouldn't have had if it hadn't been discovered and cured.

I'm about due; I think it's been about two years since the last go-round.

As for the purging. If you suffer from inflammatory bowel disease like I do, the purging isn't much different than a mid-week IBS flareup - it just goes a little more quickly.



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