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Pre-Plumbing Radon in WA

Jim Katen

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What's Radon?

Seriously though, not as far as I'm aware of for this area (always willing to be corrected). And, I can't speak for the red zones in the lower left or upper right corners of the state.

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Well, the houses I saw were in the red zone in Clark County.

By the way, those maps are nearly worthless. I once asked about the number of cases that they were based on, and it ain't anywhere near a statistically valid sample.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Hi again...

So I dug a little and found that it is in fact covered by the State's VIAQ codes for high risk areas/counties. You can see the requirements here...


Good thing I don't travel too far, eh?

Look at the difference in the Radon Pie Charts for Spokane and King County.



I've always believed we have low levels here because our "soil" is mostly glacial till rather than bedrock.

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I don't even show those maps to people because all they have to see is that they are in a yellow county and then they'll assume "we have no radon here". "Luckily", being in Lancaster County, PA where our county avg is about 17.9 pCi/L (and every county around here is near as high on avg), it's not tough convincing clients get a radon test performed.

I tell my clients that every home is different.. you can't really go by a map or EPA stats. Test your home. That's the only way to know.

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