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I was going to tack this on to the last music thread, but I couldn't find it.

I have a friend up in Carbondale who told me his brother Dave is in a bluegrass band. For the longest time, he had been meaning to play a DVD of them for my wife and me, but it kept getting forgotten. This past Sunday my wife and I were at Joe & Barb's and Joe remembered the DVD. I was expecting that Dave's band, The Hickory Project, was a group of friends who got together and played for fun and maybe did a few shows at local carnivals. When the high def DVD started, I was blown away. It turned out that The Hickory Project is made up of world class musicians.

This video is from a year ago. The show was only about 15 miles from my house, but I didn't know about it. The song was written by Joe's brother Dave (on banjo), about their grandfather's life in the mines.


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The audio in that video isn't great, but it's about the best you could expect from a camcorder recording in the audience. You can listen to great quality audio of that performance here.

You can download some concerts here.

Within the past few days, my interest in bluegrass has expanded beyond Bill Monroe and Flatt & Scruggs. I think I'm on a bluegrass kick!

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Dierks Bently's newest album is all Bluegrass and is pretty darn good. We are able to see many great Bluegrass acts just about anytime we want, one of the perks for living in Music City! A few weeks ago we were able to see the Stringdusters, Sam Bush and Old Crow Medicine Show over a weekend. Sam Bush was playing with his dobro mandolin and put on a killer show.

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