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A Couple of Cool Home to Retire To

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That is an incredible deal. I've actually looked @ condos here in the Big Dirty for that much money. 60 BR's. Wow. I wonder how it's heated?

The date says it goes back to 800AD; how could that be right? Don't you think it'd be 1800?

They ought to be a little more careful w/how they phrase the other possibilities though; that "child petting zoo" @ #9 might ruffle feathers.

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Baron Von Hausdok, eh? I notice it lists 60 bedrooms, but not a word about bathrooms. Better check that out Mike. I read an article a couple of years ago which claimed 1/2 of all the plumbing in the world was in the U.S. (pipe, toilets, showers, etc.). Think about that for a minute....

Brian G.

God Bless America!

P.S. Does it come with chamber maids? Got pics? [;)]

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