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Fluke Thermographer's Bootcamp - April 20th


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Fluke will be hosting a thermography BootCamp training class in Bellevue,WA on April 20th. The class is open to anyone who owns or is considering purchasing a Fluke imager; and will be four hours of hands-on instruction with the Fluke imagers with detailed instruction on the functions and principals of thermography.

The cost of the class is $100 and includes a Fluke 411D Laser Distance Meter ($99 value) and Thermography Application Book ($25 value).

Space is limited so those interested interested in signing up should contact either Doug Green or Jason McGinnis at the numbers below as soon as possible.

Doug Green

PSI Solutions, Inc.

PO Box 24058, Federal Way, WA 98093

Phone: 253-838-9263, Fax 253-942-4700, Mobile 206-510-3262, Skype “dgreenpsirepâ€

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Both FLIR and Fluke offer seminars on what their imagers can do. Seeing the FLIR presentation, I understand the content and how it relates to the end-user or possible camera owner. It demonstrates the utility of the different imagers and introduces basic thermal concepts. The FLIR presentations provide more of what the imager can do, with very little time to show the needed thermal and building sciences to become a camera operator. That learning is left to the 4 day thermography classes ITC or other training organizations might offer.

In a recent post I see that Fluke is providing another intro class in June. What was the outcome of April's class and what information was presented?

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I appreciated the presentation if for nothing else than to get to play with and IR camera for 2 or 3 hours.

They hand each participant a camera and ran us through various excersises: find the cold spots they intentionally set up in the lobby, use different settings on the camera to find different things etc..

I'd recommend it.

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