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What are these strange brown dirt tubes!

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Hanging down from the top of the kitchen window.

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40.68 KB

Coming up out of the floor trim.

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Depressed paint over the window.

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27 KB

Yeah, I know but I wanted too share. There was LOTS more. Inspection for a flipper.

Invasive inspection of the structural framing recommended along with WDI Treatment.


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I did an inspection last Summer, where the entire crawlspace looked like a cavern - tubes hanging everywhere. The seller seemed to have money to burn, owning vintage cars, ATVs, Bass boats, etc, but apparently hadn't stuck his head in the crawlspace in years.

Needless to say, the buyer ran, and the guy took the house off the market. There had to be $20,000.00 of damage in there - really sad.

When you see them hanging from window heads, you know you're in trouble. [:-shake][:-scared]

(PS. Richmond, is kinda like the Bahamas for termites, they love it here - lots of boggy damp clay and soil, forgiving Winters and brutally hot Summers and plenty of wood - heaven... )

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