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Veterinary Clinic


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Any ideas what this is? It's located in the operating room of a veterinary clinic (horses) constructed in the early 1970s. The round mark on the floor apparently held the operating table, which has been removed. The inner round ring on the floor is steel. I was surprised to not find signs of anchor bolts.

My best guess is the operating table was hydraulic, much like an auto mechanic's lift. But we found no signs of a hydraulic pump or power supply. There had apparently been an air compressor outside this wall, with piping coming inside.

Anything to be concerned about, is it just a leftover oddity from the past?

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Yep, looks like the air valve that controlled the lift. I'll bet the hydraulic ram is still there below the floor or else the steel ring, etc. would be gone. It might be very expensive to remove and do the clean up if the thing leaked.

I would treat it just like a fuel oil tank with recommendations to pass it off to an environmental / removal type.

No way I would want to pay for that to be repudiated on my dime.

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