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Deck Beam Support


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Has anyone ever seen a deck beam support like this? I know the picture sucks but it may get the point across. It is a 2 inch thick plate that looks to be glued to the foundation and with three nails holding it to the house. It has a space cut out of the center as a beam pocket. There is no ledger on the house as the beam runs perpendicular to the house. The joists run parallel the the house and are sitting on a ledger on the beam. No movement of the deck noted, house is about 16 years old and the deck looks like original construction, but it doesn't look right, no visible bolts seen at the interior of the basement. I've never seen anything like this.

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They might have epoxied it to the wall. Any sign that the plate was fitted over the end of a couple of rebar barbs, welded and then ground flat?

If it's epoxy, the foundation will probably break before the epoxy joint will let go.

Is the beam sized sufficient for the span and platform that it's carrying?



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I did see one other headscratcher. Two zone a/c with dampers at the blower in the attic. One themostat on the first floor and one on the second floor. House advertised as two zone cooling. One of the dampers was outside the duct, the hole covered with metal tape. The damper was still wired to the unit. Both thermostats are now running a single zone which is the entire house. I had to run up and down the stairs to check and see if the exposed damper would open, it didn't.

Nothing else lacking from a structrural point if view.

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A system with dampers is not a two-zone system.

As for the deck, the blocks of wood are canted because of the OSB, and the construction adhesive is applied on the WRB. I'm surprised the thrusts of the beams haven't popped the blocks off before now.

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