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Hello All,[:-magnify

I did not see a place for introductions so I hope its ok to put it here. I have about 25yrs experience in the electrical trade. I have been envolved in about every aspect of the electrical trade, form engineering to installation to inspection. I am currently the chief electrical inspector for the largest metropolitan city in the state, I have had this position for about 6yrs now I have been an state certified electrical inspector for about 12yrs, and a state certified biulding inspector for about the same amount of time. I am always looking for different opinions and view points. I hope I don't sound like a braggert or anything I just wanted everyone to know my background. I look forward to getting to know my way around the forum. Also getting some input on different subjects from you as well as offering some input. My department performs about 35000 inspections per year, so you can believe we see some duzies out there. Hopefully I can share some of these with you too. So, I'm happy to be here and I'll shut up now. Thanks,

Inspector T

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Hi Troy,

I have a question for you. A couple days ago I checked out a house in which the basement had been finished post-construction. The basement contained a full kitchen and a bathroom, so there were seven or eight circuits added to the existing panel. Thing is, the panel was a Cutler-Hammer and the new circuits were wired into Square D breakers. The sticker inside the access door plainly stated that only breakers of the same manufacture could be installed in the panel, yet the inspector pasted his green "basement remodel" approval sticker on it. This is a great forum because the participants for the most part realize they will always have lots to learn. I'm the same way, so before telling my client the panel required modification I phoned a friend who's a master electrician and explained the situation to him. He said you guys don't typically care about those kinds of issues but he always uses appropriate breakers because they're all made differently and can arc if they don't fit properly. The conundrum is, it's tough to make the seller of a house understand that changes are necessary when there's that big green sticker on the panel saying all is fine.

What's the proper action in this situation, in your opinion?


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Well let me clear one thing up right off the bat, I bleed Blue. I do cheer for Louisville when they play Indiana or if they ever played PUKE, I meen Duke.lol. As for your question on the sticker, That is deffinently voiding listing and labeling of the equipement. There are several reasons that it could have been missed. I don't make excuses for things that are missed. All I can tell you is there is no such thing as a perfect inspection or a perfect inspector. I would however, depending on how old it is, call the inspector whos name is on the sticker and just tell him whom you are and that you noticed something that he may have missed. I have missed things and appreciate it when someone points it out to me. If it has been a while anything could have happened, such as breakers replaced. We all have to eat crow sometime if you stay in the trade long enough. Just give the inspector a call. Just my opinion.


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Well, yeah, Troy . . . but what if the sole purpose of said kitchen was to keep the snacks coming at you so you wouldn't miss any plays while watching the Wildcats on your big-screen television? I don't know about your jurisdiction, but ANY inspector around here would give it a pass.

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