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Over Heating?

Mark P

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Yesterday's inspection the buyer had a report from a previous inspection. The other inspector had written up that the bus bar in the electrical panel was discolored from overheating. He made no recommendation or even where the discoluration was located. The only thing I found was the bar running behind the main breaker.

Other then the discoloration I found no indication of any kind of problem. I told the buyer I would get another opinion (that would be you TIJ), but it is my opinion not to worry about it. The house is 10 years old. The bus bar was 100 degrees.

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I might suggest that an electrician check the set screws for proper torque. If they're loose, remove the related conductors, clean or replace the lugs, then check the torque on the rest of the screws (meter box included) to see what else the original electrician left loose.


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It looks to me, from my armchair, that those conductors are compressed, indicating that the set screws are probably tight. There is no indication of tarnish from overheating on the copper, and no sign of melted insulation.

The bus may have come from the factory with that tarnish on it.

Maybe those connections were checked by an electrician after the last inspection?

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