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Can you explain this?

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Typically they would do that around here when one flue is no longer needed and they don't want rain and/or critters getting in. I don't mean to get on your case, but don't you think explaining to us what the house had in the way of fireplaces and/or gas or oil appliances would be helpful?

one fireplace uses wood, home built 1986...no other appliances using the chimney...

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Today's chimney, one flue, 3 dummys. The roofers should have built a cricket behind it. It was all about the looks of a massive brick erection, if that's the correct term. [:)]

Oak trees are sacred in this burg, so cutting the tree down is verboten.

Hey, there's my Jaws ladder.

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Chimney #2 needs repointing, do ya think? The 1951 mortar is letting go, probably because the cap has been cracked and leaking for decades. The big chimney is just fine, no cracked cap, no lost mortar.

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The big chimney is just fine, no cracked cap, no lost mortar.

Due to the other chimney lacking a metal liner for the combustion appliances?

No se, compadre. The bad chimney has a masonry liner and was used for the oil furnace. No longer in service. The big chimney is a fireplace, also with the original masonry liner, probably used a lot less.

They've switched to electric heat, no more oil burner.

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It's a fake, the chimney is oversized to look baronial and expensive.

At least, that's what I find when I see those around my 'hood.

This chimney is one of the main features of the front of the house, so the larger size makes sense. Did have to google baronial though. Excellant definition.

On a side note, my oldest son has been working in Whiting BP refinery for several years, and I moved to Griffith and also worked at BP all of 2010. just to be closer to him for a bit.

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