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Attic First


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I'm guessing somebody had the wrong stuff to fix the hole with anyway, stepped thru it himself before covering, and, the bossman gone to the store or sleeping down in the pickup, just covered it and hoped not to get blamed later.

In a real short crawlspace I found a whole lot of water pipes repaired with short pieces of gardenhose and hose clamps...handyman was the only one who knew.

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I wonder if the force of those long nails pushed the particle board down and the roofer goofs didn't care to check in the attic?

"Watch that soft spot and let's getter done."

But somebody installed that particle board and somebody covered it with roofing paper. There's no excuse for it.

Jason, you should rename your pics before posting, eh?

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I'm thinking I should start with the attic before climbing roofs now. Don't know how I didn't fall through here.

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I've always started in the attic and done the roof last for that exact reason. You never know what you'll find supporting the roof. I'd rather see it before I step on it.

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