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Fire Retardant Foam

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Is anyone aware of fire retardant foams approved for sealing around flues and type B vent pipes. Have been finding various types and colors of foam around both lately.

Yes. As Marc said, I don't think there's any way to know if it's the right stuff unless they left the can for you to read.

If you do a Google search such as: "expansion foam, fire rated", you will have a bunch of them pop up. Here's one: foam

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Thanks for the input guys. So this is what I've learned by talking with the most qualified chimney inspector I know and probably the most qualified there is. There are no foams currently approved for contact with gas burning appliance vent pipes. Additionally, any contact of foam with a vent pipe would eliminate the required air space of all listed vent pipes. Thanks again. By the way, I have attached the pic of the mess created by this repairman. Photo is looking up into chimney. For some reason he lined the chimney interior with drywall and foamed around the vent pipe at the top of the chimney with no clearance to the drywall.

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Thanks Bill. Meant chase and frankly there is no reason for any drywall up in there anyway.

Except for pre wrapping a chase through combustible materials and enclosed spaces for the purpose of draft stopping and fire protection.

Bill has it right the spacer would be installed.

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