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Best way to visually estimate sq footage?


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The search function wasn't working well, so pardon if this has been thoroughly discussed.

I am interviewing for a position that involves light field inspections for insurance purposes...only requires several interior pictures and a drawing/light description of the house, at worst.

However, on the assessment test, there are two questions where I am supposed to look at pictures of houses from distances (I assume this is when a mere drive-by inspection is required) and estimate their sq footage. Complicating things is that one question does not give a "depth" photo, but I need to estimate the depth of the porch.

How would you all handle this? I'm racking my brain for a better way than imagining myself walking off the yards and then converting it to feet. Thanks.

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Here's an idea. Browse through realty ads, and compare the pics with the sq ft. After a while, you will be able to guesstimate. Good luck with the insurance inspections.

Most entry doors are about three feet wide, so are windows. Use these figures to extrapolate.

There is also the qpublic website where tax records are kept that have assessors' area listings.

Both great ideas, thanks.

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