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Radalink's new promo video


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Radalink has made a promotional video available to its affiliates. They'll customize it for $10 - free for the first 25 customers.

One thing about the sample that was assinine, was at the end, it says call Radalink to schedule your radon test, and gives their numbers. I emailed my dislike for that, but the finished product still has it. Also, it's hosted on Radalink's YouTube channel, instead of me having the actual file and being able to put it on my channel.

Still, for being free, I can't be too critical. Is anyone else using this video? Erby??? If so, what do you plan on doing with it?


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Well, I've looked at it now. While all the ones I watched said call RadaLink if you have questions, the next (last) shot about scheduling your inspection now have the individual affiliates phone number as the last shot.

Of course, the spelling and punctuation would need correction before I'd use it.

I'll have to ask if I can get it on my channel instead of theirs.

Guess I need to e-mail Terry.

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I got an email from Horace the other day saying they acted on my concern and added my phone number to the end of the video. That's funny, how could I have missed it? I looked at the video again, to find it was exactly the same - it ended with Radalink's 800 number and then a 440 area code that I didn't recognize. I had assumed it was a Radalink number. I looked it up to find it belonged to an inspection company in Willoughby Ohio. At least they tried.

I looked at a few videos posted after mine and they all ended with the individual affiliate number, so it looks like this is now their standard ending. That I can live with - as long as it's my number, not that of an inspection company in a neighboring state.

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Your contact information runs along the bottom during the video and at the end. Some of them besides yours also had the wrong number at the end. Haven't checked yet to see if they corrected all of them but some of the spelling and punctuation has been fixed.

They're getting there.

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