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accepted application?

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northeast oklahoma home built 1975. it appears that a vapor barrier was applied just below the plywood sub-flooring and on top of the floor joists. then foil backed bat insulation was put up inside the joist bays. It appears to me that the insulation on this large home was applied up side down. But, since there is already a vapor barrier under the flooring, does this make this application okay? Also, one area of black mold was detected along the rim. what kind is it? most of the crawlspace was dry. just a little dampness under ducting etc...

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A vapor retarder "sandwich" can be as bad or worse than a vapor retarder installed backward.

Other than that, it looks like a basic mildly moldy crawlspace.

It doesn't matter "what kind" the mold is. Damp crawlspaces have mold.

Figure out how to dry out the crawlspace, and install a vapor barrier on the floor.

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