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Sub-panel grounds -again


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I can confuse the heck out of myself so Here is my questions-

Sub-panel in a detached garage has a 8-2 with ground as its supply. It is wired as 240 volt

So does it need 1) A ground rod driven

2) Seperated grounds and neutrals

3) A covered neutral

4) should an 8-3 with ground have been ran

The garage does have a sidewalk connected to the house. It does have GFCI protected outlets.

Man I have read Article 250 till I"m blue in the face.

I think it needs a grounding conductor to a ground rod. I think the grounds and neutrals can be together in this instance.

Am I wrong. Help me Obi-Wan.

I know this is probably supposed to be easy but I just don't see it enough to be comfortable.


PS Hansons book is in the mail.

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It has more than one branch circuit so it requires its own service grounding electrode and conductor. [250-32a] Ideally it should be the steel in the walk between the house and the garage or a metal pipe below grade, but if it's only got a water pipe inside the building available, you need to add a rod.

Remove the green bonding screw. Install a separate ground bus screwed directly to the panel, move the EGC's onto it. Connect the grounding electrode conductor to it and the SGE.




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