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Rugs for my kids room


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Hi Rocky,

If you haven't figured it out yet, this is a home inspectors forum; not an interior decorators' forum. We don't generally give advice on interior drapes and carpeting 'cuz a lot of the time when we go into a home those are so nasty or hideous that we don't even want to touch them.

If you're concerned about health aspects; find a forum frequented by industrial hygienists or allergists.

Good luck.



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Hi. It would be easy to decide if you know your children's health condition first. If they do not have asthma or allergies, wool rugs are nice to have it in their room. However if they have such sickness, i suggest you just use rubber mat instead. It is a lil bit harder to keep off the dust from the wool rugs. And you have to consider too what if the little spill their drinks on it. Unlike with rubber, it is easier to notice and clean right away. Hope that this help you.

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