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Fireplace label deciphering

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I've attached a photo of a manufacturer's label on a pre-fab fireplace. Can anyone help decipher it? For example states

"Only operate fireplace with doors open or closed. Glass doors can break and expel gas if operated while closed." Huh? So how else do I operate it with doors any other way besides open or closed and why the option to use it with doors closed if they break?

"When burning gas in the fireplace, adjust damper to fully open position. Use solid wood fuel only." Huh? Can I operate it with the damper closed when burning wood and can I even burn gas since it says use solid wood fuel only?

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My stab at it:

It says doors must be fully open or fully closed. The reason could be that a partially open door will allow combustion air to rush in the partial opening and direct a velocity at flame/burner and cause imbalance or blow the flame out. A fully open door would allow an even influx of air which would be less likely to disturb the flame. Fully closed doors would allow the system to rely on built in design of combustion air intake.

The insert can be set up for gas or wood. When set up for wood, they do not want you burning anything other than wood. If you burn wood without opening the damper, you'll find out real quick when the house fills up with smoke. With gas, you could easily be burning the gas with the damper closed and not really be aware of it until people start dropping from CO poisoning.

That's my interpretation of it. I do think the label is confusing and poorly written.

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