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Thermal Pane Tempered Glass with Hole/Crack in it

Mike Lamb

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If it borders a tub or shower the inboard and outboard panes are both required to be safety glazed.

There is an exception for outboard panes, but it doesn't apply to windows bordering tubs or showers. It says that the outboard pane in an insulated glass unit is exempt from the safety glazing requirement if its bottom edge is more than 25 feet above grade, a roof, walking surfaces, or other horizontal surfaces adjacent to the glass. This exception only applies to glazing that's more than 9 square feet in area, that has a bottom edge that's less than 18" from the floor, and a top edge that's more than 36" above the floor and that's near a walking surface. If one of these glazed areas is near a door or over a tub or shower, then the exception doesn't apply.

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