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Ever see anything like this?

Tom Raymond

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This roof cover is clearly toast, but any idea what is going on here?

This is the view from the ridge down.

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28.81 KB

This is a close up of an unstained shingle.

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38.65 KB

Close up of stained area.

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32.66 KB

It isn't clear what caused the stains, the only trees close to the house are evergreens, or why the stains would appear varnished.

I look forward to learning something.

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The stains are a form of algae. It will grow in shaded areas right on the roof surface.

The shingles look like they're either really old or are reacting to some kind of chemical. Did you test a corner of a tab to see if they're crystalized all the way through?



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It was a bit misty, but the sheen wasn't from water. I did the whole exterior in a tee shirt and got little more than damp.

Never seen shiny shingles like that before.

The black algae streaking is common around here. The brittle, buckled, crunchy shingles are just old.

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