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Got- Call-back stats from NAHB??

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I atteneded Peter Drenan's "ABC's of New Construction" seminar, at ITA's Vegas conference, last October.

His course material referenced NAHB statistics regarding new home call-backs and related costs for builders. I'm trying to verify those statistics for a "white paper" I'm putting together.

So far, emails to Peter and searches of the NAHB site (I'm not a member, so the search is limited) have turned up empty.

If anyone has a copy of the original NAHB articles, I'd be very appreciative.

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Originally posted by Garcha

POS? I've seen it. Can't put it together, what's it mean?

I can't tell if you're kidding, so just in case you aren't it's "piece of {synonym for fecal matter that starts with an S}". S can be taken, give one or don't, someone elses may be put up with or not, etc.

Brian G.

Slangologist [:-graduat

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Oh, you mean like My hundred years of Mouse sh** in that old rehab last week? Sorry Brian I'm young and stupid. If not a little behind the times from those two years in Tene.. Tanna.. Tunisee.. Tennessee. I like Yours too Donald but it lacks some pizzazz. Maybe change it to P-ay attention O-r ill S-lap ya one?

MIke Garcia

Okay, so I'm more stupid than young...

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