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your opinion on toilet flange seal?


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Maybe its a ford vs chevy question but something must be better than wax rings for the toilet flange. yes I know wax rings can work fine IF ........ a lot of conditions are met, sorta (my opinion) like wood siding (compared to Hardie) is great IF... primed on all side, no cracks ,,,,,,,,

inspectors probably see the toilet failures (rot, water) and maybe not whats causing it since the seal is hidden)

non wax ring choices seem to be

1. fernco coupling, and

2. fluidmaster both of which require the device to glue onto the toilet outlet horn area and

3. sani seal, which sounds new to me but looks like the answer.

any opinions?

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We see leaking seals all the time but we have no way to know what type of seal it is unless we bother to follow up later with whoever did the work to see what was there. I don't have time or the inclination to do that. I doubt many others do either.

Personally, I like Sani Seal and that's what I replaced my own with when one leaked; but if you're a plumber trying to maximize your profits a $.59 cent wax ring is a whole lot more attractive than a fancy $10 rubber seal; so I assume that the overwhelming majority of those are wax seals.

The plumber figures that if it's installed right, by the time the wax ring goes bad the house will probably be owned by someone else or be well out of the his warranty range.



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I have ten year old wax rings in my house that are still leak free, and the 20 and 45 year old ones I pulled out were still doing their job when I replaced them. The wax ring likely fails from the seal being broken by other means, such as a loose bowl with lateral movement.

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